Puking Girls

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This mistress knew that this guy had a crush on her. She knew she could do anything she wanted to him and he would never tell her no. So she decided to try her puking fetish on him. She made him lie down and she puked into his open mouth. She had him eat her puke before she made him lick her dirty butthole. He did it all without asking any questions.

This mistress found her boyfriend kissing another girl. She was mad at him and could not speak to him for hours. When she finally did, it took him by surprise. She made him lie down and as his punishment, she puked into his mouth and she made him eat it. She did not care what he felt and whether it was unhygienic. She had had to have her own revenge.

This hot and sexy mistress likes to take advantage of guys just because she is hot and sexy. She likes to make them buy her things and do many other things for her but when it comes to what they want from her which is sex, she has a way of avoiding that. She likes to undress and take their breath away but then gag herself to vomit and turn them off and drive them away.

While other people frown upon and shun disgusting things, Alina embraces them. She loves them so much and has a lot of fun with them. She did not want guests in the house and had an argument with her parents. They did not listen to her so she undressed and remained naked. She then forced herself to spit and told them she would do the same if the visitors came.

Tracy is a sexy ebony girl who just at a huge breakfast. She hands her head out the window and you can tell she is going to vomit. She opens her mouth and a thick stream of puke comes out. It splatters all over the ground and she keeps piling more vomit on top of it. She really had a full stomach and not it is in the form of puke on the ground,

I knew that ebony goddess Samantha didn't like soda, but I gave her a lot anyway. It is not good on her stomach so it makes her puke. She starts puking like crazy and sprays vomit everywhere. It comes out of her mouth in a spray that gets all over the car door. This vomiting girl has a lot of barf in her that she empties out in a huge spray.

Heather verbally humiliates you and lets you know how worthless you are. The only things you are good for is taking a bunch of vomit. She puts that to the test. She pukes right in your mouth and fills you up with her barf. You have to chew it and swallow it because you will get punished worse if you waste any of it. Obey your puking mistress like a good slave.

I didn't know that Tracy had it in her. She got too full and I couldn't wait to capture her puking her guts out. She opens the car door and lets out a long burst of puke. The vomit just keeps pouring out of her mouth like a faucet. When she finally stops throwing up, she looks exhausted. It's no wonder. It looks like her stomach was completely emptied on the ground.

Puke training has become all the rage. This cute Asian girl subjects this slave to rigorous puke training that involves shitting as well. He must eat all of the scat and vomit that comes from this Asian princess. She shits turds right into his mouth and fills it with scat for him to chew and blasts him with vomit in different ways. His face is covered with scat and vomit by the time they are done.

This ebony slut has big boobs and a big appetite. She ate a little too much today and went out to the alley to puke. She starts gagging and the vomit sprays out all over the ground. She keeps throwing up and heaving for quite a while. When she finally stops, she starts shaking her big tits around. She obviously doesn't mind throwing up because she seems to enjoy it.

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