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These mistresses wanted to punish their slave. He had been disrespectful and they wanted to teach him some manners. They ganged up on him and made him lie down. They then shit on his face and into his mouth and made him eat it. They then peed into his mouth before vomiting into his mouth and he was supposed to eat all that mixture. The poor slave did all that.

This mistress loves to puke. Whenever she is on a date with a guy she does not like, she always uses puke as an excuse to never see him again. The same thing happened when she went out with this guy. She ate more than she normally does and when he was dropping her off, she started puking. She puked a little on his car before opening the door to puke outside.

This mistress is hot and sexy. She promised this guy the best sex of his life if he did what she wanted. She wanted him to eat her shit and her puke and she would fuck his brains out. The guy agreed and ate all her shit and drank his puke. In fact, the mistress helped her eat them. Then she gave him a great blowjob and fucked his brains out.

Lady Katharina and her friend Michelle wanted to punish this guy for playing them. They realized they were dating the same guy and they decided to join forces and punish him. Michelle invited him to her place. She had him thinking they were getting intimate and he undressed and lay down. Then Katharina came out and they puked and shit on his face and made him eat and swallow all of it.

This mistress wanted to find out how much she could puke. She had a great feast and she was too full. It did not take her long to puke. She did not even need to gag herself. It all came naturally. She had a lot of puke. All of it went into a basin and she was surprised to see that she had that much puke. But she was impressed.

This couple is kinky. They like doing things no one else would ever dream of. They cooked a great meal and ate it. Then the wife puked it all on the husband and made him lick and eat it. She was turned on by that and she puked on him some more. They were growing horny by the minute and it all ended up with them fucking each other's brains out.

Lady Milena has a puke fetish. She likes to eat a heavy meal and then puke. Sometimes she does it for fun and other times she does it as a way of punishing her slaves. Her slave pissed her off and she decided the appropriate way to punish him was to puke on him and make him eat her shit. She shit and put it on her hand for him to eat then she puked into his mouth.

This mistress had an appointment that she could not miss. She had had a lot to drink the previous night and she woke up feeling pretty awful. She went to the bathroom and gagged herself. It did not take her long before she puked. She had a lot of puke and by the time she was done puking, she was feeling better already. She made it to her appointment in time.

This mistress is as cruel as the best of them. She wanted to degrade her slave and she did not want to do it the normal way. She decided to try something she had not tried before. She decided to try vomiting. She made him lie down and vomited on his face and into his mouth. He was required to swallow all that vomit and eat it like his food.

Heather loves to eat. She had broken up with her boyfriend and she was heartbroken and devastated. Whenever she feels down and stressed, she likes to eat. So she went to her fridge and found a gallon of milk. She did not think twice. She drank all of it. It did not take long and she did not need to gag herself. She vomited and got all of that milk out of her system.

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