Puking Girls

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A super slut loves to suck dick, but this big dick might be too much for her. The big dick might make her gag from all of the pressure in the back of her throat. She is going to try her best to suck the cock, but will end up gagging to the point puke is flying all over the place. She ends up throwing up.

A lady is going to have a great day at work, but once she goes to lunch she is going to drink too much soda. The soda will make her get ready to puke. After she is puking from the soda, she will also puke up her lunch too. She will feel bad, but knowing her slave has to clean up her puke makes her laugh.

A girl is going to show off to her slave, because she thinks her slave is weak. She also thinks she should lead by example. The slave will get to see her stick her finger down her throat, because he is going to do the same soon enough. She will puke in a bowl, then take the bowl and place it over her head pouring the puke.

A mistress is going to get sick while she is shopping. She ate something bad, so her stomach is really ill. Her puke is going to smell so bad as she gags, but the good thing is she has one of her idiot slaves with her to clean up her mess. Even is she pukes in her van, the slave can clean up the smelly vomit.

A mistress is going to take puking to a whole new level. She is going to eat as much as she can, just to puke. Her puke is going to be really gross and smelly. From there she is going to make her slave watch her eat the puke, but she will also make him eat up her puke too. She is so gross.

A girl with really big boobs is going to vomit all over making the biggest mess ever. She loves to eat more than she should, because spraying puke out makes her feel good. She also likes to gross out her slaves too. The slaves sometimes are forced to eat the puke out of the trash, which can be on of the grossest things ever. She is so sexy.

A lady is going to show her slave how dirty she can be. She is going to make the biggest mess ever, because she wants the slave to know he is going to clean up the entire mess. She will vomit all over everything, but she won't stop there. She will also rub her shit and puke all over her washing machine, because he will clean it up.

Lady Grace is a mistress that loves to vomit. She thinks it's funny to let out all of her vomit on her slave. However, she also likes to puke in containers and force her slave to lay on the ground so he can gulp and swallow up all of the puke. She is so gross, but her gagging and puke are so horrible for her slave.

A lady is going to drink a ton of beer, but she doesn't realize it might have been too much beer. Her stomach is going to start to get really upset to the point she might end up puking. Once her car is stopped, she is going to puke up all of the beer and everything that was once in her stomach. Her puke is so gross.

A lady in a catsuit is throwing up, because she is going to force her slave to watch all of her vomit. She thinks it's funny to gag and puke in front of her slave, because he has a really light stomach when it comes to the smell of puke and the sound of the puke hitting the toilet. She is going to look so sexy as she pukes.

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