Puking Girls

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Two very hot and horny lesbians love scat play with each other, but vomiting is something else that turns them on. They are going to puke and force each other to clean their fingers, but then comes the scat play. They will shit into bowls and smear it on each other. Their type of play is very hardcore, extreme, and it can get messy from time to time.

Heather is always looking for new ways to make herself puke. One of the ways is to drink old milk and wait for her stomach to get very sick. She will then get a really bad belly ache that puts her on the toilet ready to throw up. She is going to empty her belly full of old milk. She will spray puke all over the bathroom.

Alexia Cage is always pushing the limit in so many ways. Not only does she like to do fetishes, but in this case the fetish will be very hardcore. Alexia is going to make a nice fresh pizza, but she is going to have her slave come over. She decides it is a perfect time to puke all over her pizza, and force her slave to eat it.

Very kinky little Japanese sluts are going to take puking to a whole new level. These little petite cuties are going to puke in the woods, but then before cleaning out their mouths, they will start kissing each other. They are pretty kinky, and they loves kissing girls. These girls are going to eat and swallow each others puke until they puke once again, then start to make out.

An ebony mistress is a pro about throwing up all over other slaves. She also likes to puke, because she practices for when she is going to deep throat a cock. She is going to stick her fingers in her mouth pretending her fingers are a cock sliding deep into her mouth and her instant reaction is to puke all over her fingers and herself. She gets covered in puke.

Milk can be a good thing and a bad thing for certain mistresses. This particular mistress is going to drink a great deal of milk, unfortunately the milk won't sit well in her belly. She will throw up milk right on her slave, then she will also get the shits. She will poo right on top of her slave. He will be covered in puke and shit.

Princess Lizzy has always had a natural talent of being able to really suck a cock deep down, but on this rare occasion, she is going to picture herself sucking a cock deep down. That is going to motivate her into being able to get her fingers deep in her throat, so that she can puke. She loves to puke, plus it reminds her of sucking dick.

A cute amateur babe will take a nice hot shower, but all of the shit smeared on this hot babe might be too much for her to handle. Once she gets in the shower, she is going to get sick from the smell of shit on her body. She is going to start gagging, but ultimately she will get sick and vomit inside the shower all over.

Heather is a very determined babe that never likes to lose a challenge. She is going to prove to her boss that she can ingest a great deal of orange juice, however she didn't anticipate that her stomach would not handle the orange juice. She will end up with her head in the toilet throwing up all of her juice. At least she won her bet.

Isabelle is a very hardcore and extreme babe. She will not only shit on her girlfriend's face, but she also loves to get herself to the point she is ready to throw up on her girlfriend. Isabelle will cover her girlfriend in vomit that she sprays all over her girlfriend's face. The two babes are covered in shit and vomit, but they are also very turned on at the same time.

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