Puking Girls

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This slave was degraded beyond belief. The mistress forced herself to puke and then vomited into a glass, and handed it to the slave to drink the puke

These mistresses wanted to force the slave to puke but did not know how. One of them suggested they smear scat all over his face and they did. This instantly made him puke

Kira had gone to a party the previous night and she ate a lot of different foods. She got food poisoning and it really made her tummy ache and she had diarrhoea as well as felt nauseous so she puked

This ebony mistress wants to lose weight and one of the ways she will do that is to force herself to puke. She has a healthy appetite but all that food makes her gain weight

These mistresses wanted to find out how their slaves felt when they degraded them. So they ate well and the puked into a jar and each of their puke combined made a good yoghurt and they ate it!

This mistress wanted to try a scat fetish and so she smeared shit all over her face and chest. But it was all new to her and the smell and disgust of it all got to her and she puked on herself

These mistresses love to watch their weight. They are pretty and have nice asses and nice figures which they can do anything to keep, including forcing themselves to throw up

This mistress loves to vomit. That way, she gets to keep her figure. She would eat a lot and then make herself vomit so that she does not get fat

This mistress is more than a sadist. She is beyond cruel and likes to degrade her slaves. She turned her slave into a human toilet and pooped on his face

A lady is going to try a new challenge which involves drinking a shitload of milk. She is going to drink the milk, but realize her stomach can't take all of that milk. Her puke is going to fly out, but thank god she got out of her auto in time. She is gagging and puking up everything that was in her stomach. It's so gross.

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