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Katiusha had a job interview and she was drunk. She went and vomited in the toilet before she brushed her teeth and then went to the interview feeling a little better

This mistress loves scat. She enjoys using shit as lubricant to masturbate, she likes smearing it all over body and she certainly loves eating it as well

This mistress has a puke fetish. She enjoys puking and seeing the contents of her puke. She was bored in the house and decided to puke. She gagged herself and puked

Jay has big titties which guys love and they buy her lots of drinks. She was so drunk and could not drive home. She opened her door and puked. She felt better and drove home to rest

Grace wanted to shit and the toilet did not have water. So she used her slave as her toilet. She shit on his face and made him eat the shit

This mistress had an early morning. She was out drinking the previous night. To freshen herself, she went to the toilet and forced herself to puke. She felt better

There is no question about it. This mistress gives the most cruel tortures. She shit on her slave and also puked on the slave. The slave was forced to eat the shit and the vomit

This ebony mistress was mad at her husband. She wanted to show him not to take her for granted. She puked on him and made him eat her puke

Miss Decadoria is a sadist and enjoys torturing her slave. She was not satisfied to pee on him. She puked all over his body and even on his face

This girl is one kinky bitch. She gets shit everywhere. In her hair,all over her boobs and she loves it. Straight out of her diaper onto her body. By the end of the video she is covered in crap from head to toe and she wouldn't have it any other way.Do you crave poo as much as she does? let your cock decide for you. It's time to put it to the test

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