Puking Girls

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This Asian mistress wanted to try something that is not in her culture. She wanted to try slave humiliation on a scale even she had never seen or experienced before. She got a slave and made him drink and eat her puke. She gagged herself and when she puked, did it directly in his mouth. She did not care how bad it was for him. He had to swallow it.

Lisa is a mistress who likes to try out different kinds of things. She likes to have fun f all kinds and today she wanted to try shitting fetish. She had seen it online and wanted to try it. She got a slave and she had fun making him eat her shit directly from her ass into his mouth. It was so much fun she planned to do it again.

This mistress hates her slave. She wanted a better one so she had to make this one quit. She took him to the bathroom and made him eat her shit. She was not done even after degrading him. She puked on him too and humiliated him. She did not care what he felt or what happened to him. She just did all she could and he quit as she wanted.

This mistress had gone out with her friends. They took lots of alcohol and were very drunk by the end of the night. When she got home, she was not feeling very well. She went to the bathroom and puked her heart out. Her friends laughed at her because she was not used to it and they even took a video of her puking and made fun of her with it.

This mistress is one of the most cruel mistresses around. She knows that for her to get complete loyalty, she has to punish her slaves cruelly. And that is what she did. She forced her slaves to lie down and she shit on their faces and made the, eat the shit. She pissed on them too and finally gagged herself until she puked on their faces and into their mouths.

When this mistress tried scat fetish, it did not go down like she saw online. It was hard for her especially the smell. It seemed so easy for others online but she could not stand the smell. The smell made her puke and she puked into the mouth of her slave. She liked it better than the shit fetish and enjoyed how naughty it felt having a slave drink her puke.

This mistress was tired of being a good girl. She wanted to create some memories and try stuff before she became old. She looked for a bad boy in her school and they went out. On coming back home, they had crazy fun. He fisted her ass, she sucked his cock and when he deepthroated her, she even puked and they had fun with the puke in a way they had never thought they would.

My name is Carlie and I wanted to make money without working a 9-5. I thought about it and after watching how famous videos of people throwing up were on the internet, I decided to cash in on it. I kept a stash of some of the things that make me puke. I would then eat and make myself puke. I started a blog and even introduced a slave whom I would make drink my puke. It worked.

This lesbian couple knows how to turn on the fun. They like to experiment with almost anything and that is the reason their love life is never boring. Today they wanted to navigate the deep waters of puke fetish. They ate a disgusting meal and puked all over the place. Then they smeared it all over their bodies and licked it and used it to masturbate. It was not that great at first but it grew on them.

This mistress wanted to puke and make her slave drink her puke. But she does not puke as easily as other mistresses. So she shit into a bowl and smeared it all over her body. The smell was horrible and she could not stand it. She puked into a bowl and made her slave drink it all. She even mixed it with a little of the shit she had on her.

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