Puking Girls

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This mistress and her friends had gone for a picnic and they had great food. This mistress wanted all that food for herself so she forced herself to vomit and they left it for her

Scat, puke and masturbation are her thing. She smeared shit all over her body and puked to use both shit and puke as lubricant when masturbating

Alionka was feeling bad so she went to the bathroom to puke and she could not. So she forced herself to puke and felt instantly ok. And it felt nice to do it

This mistress likes to use different ways of humiliating her slaves and degrading them. She likes to make them watch her take a dump and even puke

This mistress's boyfriend is turned on by disgusting things like piss, puke and shit. She wanted a big favour and so she sucked up to him and did all three for him

This mistress was paid to humiliate this slave and she did it in style. She did not spare any effort to humiliate and degrade him. She puked on him and even shit on him

The toilet is this slave's best place in the house because she gets to puke and shit there, and these are her two favorite things to do in the whole world

This ebony mistress was mad at her boyfriend and knew that he hated puke. So when they were on a road trip, she pretended to be sick an forced herself to puke much to his annoyance

For the lovers of scat and puke fetishes, this mistress is the ultimate queen. She loves making herself puke and diarrhoea and sometimes smears them on herself just to turn you on

This slave wanted food as he had not eaten for several hours. The mistress was kind enough to vomit into a glass and give him to drink

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