Puking Girls

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Blonde Heather pukes up a whole 2 liter in front of her mirror. This clip is shot from 2 angles capturing all the goodness of her massive vomit spree splashing all over everything.Watch her body spasm as her muscles tighten and clench as she let's loose a huge wave of vomity goodness for your enjoyment. Grab your cocks and let's get started perverts.You know nothing else makes your cock this hard.

Today you'll see what a dirty slut I am. I'll shit and smear it all over everything around me,the sink, the bathtub and especially all over myself. I love the feeling of shit on my breasts. I enjoy licking and eating it up but it isn't until it makes me vomit that I seriously get off on it. Making myself gag and puke get's my pussy so wet and nothing makes me cum harder

It's a sunny day outside and Heather thinks it's the perfect setting to puke. She's in the park and doesn't care at all who is watching as she pulls out a clear bowl to puke in. The clear bowl works perfectly for all to see the spew she has produced for our amusement, so make sure you enjoy it.Watching her upchuck makes your cock hard, you don't have to try to deny it.

Dirty girl down on the floor fucking herself with a cucumber in the ass.She's wearing nothing but her black thigh highs and fucking herself until she makes a shit mess for you.How messy will she get? Will she be able to continue without puking? She loves extreme masturbation it turns her on so much.Come watch her titties jiggle as she fucks the shit right out of her own ass. She can't get enough

This young girl had a dare with her friend to see who could finish a whole bottle of soda while drinking it nonstop. She tried and before she could reach halfway, she puked it all out

This mistress thought that she was hardcore and that she could eat shit. She tried to lick it and smeared her face with it. However, the stench soon overcame her and she vomited

This girl loves burping. She drank some juice and when she tried to burp, she ended up vomiting and draining the contents of her stomach on the floor

This girl had eaten spoiled food and she had diarrhoea. She pooped on a cloth in her living room and the stench of it made her vomit.

Gina had eaten at a friend's house and her stomach reacted to something. It was painful but she also felt nauseous. So she went to the bathroom and puked

Her boyfriend dared her to strip down and then smear herself with scat and eat the shit after which she was to puke on herself and then he could do anything she wanted

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