Puking Girls

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Lady Milena is a cruel mistress. But even with her experience in slave humiliation and torture, she had never tried vomiting on her slave. She liked the idea and wanted to try it. So she called her slave and made him lie down. She played with her mouth and he thought she would blow him. He stroked his penis in anticipation but was surprised when she gagged herself and threw up in his face.

Grace and Katharina wanted to humiliate and degrade their slave without him knowing. It was meant to be a surprise humiliation. He was used to being trampled so they made him lie down as they ate. Grace got up from her seat and made her way to him. He could not have guessed what happened next. She puked on his face! He thought she would trample him but she did worse!

This mistress had a hangover and she wanted to be ready for work. She forced herself to puke so that she could feel relieved. She gagged herself and within seconds, she was vomiting her gut out. She threw up almost everything that was in her mouth and she felt better within minutes of her vomiting. She was now ready to go to work but with a promise to not drink on weekdays.

A lovely woman that enjoys making videos while she is wearing a special hood on her head is going to puke into her sink. She has always believed that vomiting can be something extremely erotic. She wants to catch all of her gagging while vomiting just for the video, because she knows that she has a special fan club that is deeply into all of her hard-core vomiting action.

A woman is going to make a video of all of the adventures she has when she is driving around. One of her favorite videos to make is one of when she decides it is time to puke. All she is going to do is lean outside of her automobile, because she wants to make sure that she gets plenty of puke and vomit running down the outside of her car.

A prison warden is going to be extremely mean to all of the people that are inside of her jail. She has decided that she is going to do many different things that can be considered extremely degrading. Not only are all of her inmates going to be covered in shit, but she also might even cover them in vomit as well. She believes in punishment to the fullest extent.

Baby is a cute girl that has a stomach ache. She also is in the mood to make a special video for all of her admirers. She knows that her admirers and enjoy watching her vomit and gagging into her toilet. She is going to open her mouth, so that she is able to vomit clearly for her video. She wants to make the best puking video possible for all of her fans.

There is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman wearing panties and a bra, only she is also doing something that is very hard core. She is going to be puking, but she also is going to be training a slave at the same time. Girls training girls to be puking slaves and toilet slaves can be very erotic for those who find vomiting sexy. These girls are going to gag.

A lady is going to make videos about all of her puking. She has found that many people enjoy watching her gag and throw up. Her videos are going to be very explicit, because she literally leans out the window and begins to puke all over everything. The videos are great for anyone that enjoys watching girls throw up. She also enjoys puking, because she finds it sexy.

This mistress has an unusual talent that she loves to share with her slave. It involves a great deal of vomiting and it also involves a great deal of shit. She loves to make him get on the ground, because between all of the vomit and all of the shit flying, her slave is going to be completely covered in a great deal of gross stuff. She is deeply amused by all of the action.

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