Puking Girls

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This big tittied mistress had had way too much to drink. On the way home, she stopped the car and open the door to puke

Tracy wanted to drink 2 liters of sprite. She got started but even before she was halfway through, she puked heavily

Mistresses don't come as heartless and as cruel as her. This mistress shit in a bowl, puked into it and made her slave eat it

This mistress with big tits loves puking. Her boobs pull her downwards and she pukes easily

It was her slave's birthday. His present for the day was being made to eat and drink the mistress's puke from a baby bottle

The speed of the car and the nausea got the better of this mistress and she could not help puking

When her friend made her mad, this mistress wanted revenge. She went to her bedroom toilet and puked in it and left all the puke for her to see and smell

Marina and her lesbian friend like being naughty, nasty and kinky. This time, hey vomited on each other and licked it off each other before having steamy sex

This mistress has a puke blog. She has a puking fetish and many fans for the blog. She enjoys making herself puke and recording it for her blog

This slave pissed off this mistress so much she tortured him brutally. She trampled on his back with her high heels before making him eat her puke

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