Puking Girls

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A lady is going to drink a ton of beer, but she doesn't realize it might have been too much beer. Her stomach is going to start to get really upset to the point she might end up puking. Once her car is stopped, she is going to puke up all of the beer and everything that was once in her stomach. Her puke is so gross.

A lady in a catsuit is throwing up, because she is going to force her slave to watch all of her vomit. She thinks it's funny to gag and puke in front of her slave, because he has a really light stomach when it comes to the smell of puke and the sound of the puke hitting the toilet. She is going to look so sexy as she pukes.

A puking girl loves to gag and puke all over herself. She has always had a fetish for puking and making a mess as she vomits. Her throwing up skills are insane, because she is able to really get her stomach emptied with all of her puke. She is a slave's dream come true if he is into puking, then again this mistress doesn't care one bit.

A lady knew she shouldn't drink so much water, but she did it anyway. She is going to puke, but when she does the puke will fly out of her mouth and catch air it's coming out with such pressure. She puked and it made a mess, but she is going to feel much better after getting all of the water from her body. What a mess.

A lady decided it was time to let all of her vomit fly. She is a passenger in a car, so once she thinks it's time to puke all over, she will. She will lean out of her window and the puke will start to fly right out of her mouth. She has so much puke at one point she is gagging as she spits more vomit out.

Sophie is a nice woman with the largest amount of slaves that love her videos. She loves to eat her snacks throughout the day, but what her slaves totally get off on, is the fact that she can puke them all up as well. She will literally gag herself, so she can launch massive amounts of puke from her mouth into a bowl for all her video admirers.

A vixen had herself any amazing meal of ribs and other foot items. However, she also got herself an upset stomach that will need some assistance. She will take her dildo and shove it down her throat to get herself ready to puke. The gagging will make her upchuck all over the front of herself, but she will drink and re-eat her nasty puke again.

Two ladies are driving down the road, but they are both having major stomach issues. The girls are going to pull over immediately, because they are ready to puke big time. Both of the ladies are going to take one last drink of their soda, because when they open their mouth's, puke will be flying all over the place in a huge pile of white vomit.

A girl is going to show off just what she can do in a bowl. She wants to puke as much puke as possible into a bowl for her video. The video is also going to entice her slaves to see her as often as possible for a chance of her puke. The girl will get many of her slaves begging to drink and eat up her puke.

A very sexy tattooed babe is going to see if she can throw up. She drank a great deal of soda, so she is thinking she will be able to launch quite a huge load of puke. When she goes to bend over, all of the puke is going to gag her, but she manages to get the puke out on the ground in front of her.

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