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This mistress was paid to humiliate this slave and she did it in style. She did not spare any effort to humiliate and degrade him. She puked on him and even shit on him

The toilet is this slave's best place in the house because she gets to puke and shit there, and these are her two favorite things to do in the whole world

This ebony mistress was mad at her boyfriend and knew that he hated puke. So when they were on a road trip, she pretended to be sick an forced herself to puke much to his annoyance

This slave wanted food as he had not eaten for several hours. The mistress was kind enough to vomit into a glass and give him to drink

Victoria had gone out with her friends, and she had too much to drink. In arriving home, she headed straight to the bathroom and she vomited. She did not feel better to she tasted her vomit and it made her puke again. This time she felt better

This mistress learnt about puke fetishes and wanted to try it. She sat down and then prepared herself to puke and she did. It was satisfying to her and she vowed to do it again

This mistress has a vomit and scat fetish. The two go hand in hand since she smears herself with shit and then the smell makes her vomit and the mixture is sexy to her and her audience

This slave was degraded beyond belief. The mistress forced herself to puke and then vomited into a glass, and handed it to the slave to drink the puke

These mistresses wanted to force the slave to puke but did not know how. One of them suggested they smear scat all over his face and they did. This instantly made him puke

Kira had gone to a party the previous night and she ate a lot of different foods. She got food poisoning and it really made her tummy ache and she had diarrhoea as well as felt nauseous so she puked

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