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This mistress is as cruel as the best of them. She wanted to degrade her slave and she did not want to do it the normal way. She decided to try something she had not tried before. She decided to try vomiting. She made him lie down and vomited on his face and into his mouth. He was required to swallow all that vomit and eat it like his food.

Heather loves to eat. She had broken up with her boyfriend and she was heartbroken and devastated. Whenever she feels down and stressed, she likes to eat. So she went to her fridge and found a gallon of milk. She did not think twice. She drank all of it. It did not take long and she did not need to gag herself. She vomited and got all of that milk out of her system.

Lady Milena is a cruel mistress. But even with her experience in slave humiliation and torture, she had never tried vomiting on her slave. She liked the idea and wanted to try it. So she called her slave and made him lie down. She played with her mouth and he thought she would blow him. He stroked his penis in anticipation but was surprised when she gagged herself and threw up in his face.

Grace and Katharina wanted to humiliate and degrade their slave without him knowing. It was meant to be a surprise humiliation. He was used to being trampled so they made him lie down as they ate. Grace got up from her seat and made her way to him. He could not have guessed what happened next. She puked on his face! He thought she would trample him but she did worse!

This mistress had a hangover and she wanted to be ready for work. She forced herself to puke so that she could feel relieved. She gagged herself and within seconds, she was vomiting her gut out. She threw up almost everything that was in her mouth and she felt better within minutes of her vomiting. She was now ready to go to work but with a promise to not drink on weekdays.

Tee had never given anyone a blowjob. When she did, she gagged on it and puked on the guy's dick

This big tittied mistress had had way too much to drink. On the way home, she stopped the car and open the door to puke

This mistress with big tits loves puking. Her boobs pull her downwards and she pukes easily

It was her slave's birthday. His present for the day was being made to eat and drink the mistress's puke from a baby bottle

When her friend made her mad, this mistress wanted revenge. She went to her bedroom toilet and puked in it and left all the puke for her to see and smell

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