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Heather loves to eat. She had broken up with her boyfriend and she was heartbroken and devastated. Whenever she feels down and stressed, she likes to eat. So she went to her fridge and found a gallon of milk. She did not think twice. She drank all of it. It did not take long and she did not need to gag herself. She vomited and got all of that milk out of her system.

This mistress saw videos of people puking from cars and she wanted to try it as well. She drank herself silly and on the way home, she puked like shit

Tracy wanted to drink 2 liters of sprite. She got started but even before she was halfway through, she puked heavily

It was her slave's birthday. His present for the day was being made to eat and drink the mistress's puke from a baby bottle

The speed of the car and the nausea got the better of this mistress and she could not help puking

Marina and her lesbian friend like being naughty, nasty and kinky. This time, hey vomited on each other and licked it off each other before having steamy sex

Miss Decadoria is a sadist and enjoys torturing her slave. She was not satisfied to pee on him. She puked all over his body and even on his face

This young girl had a dare with her friend to see who could finish a whole bottle of soda while drinking it nonstop. She tried and before she could reach halfway, she puked it all out

This mistress thought that she was hardcore and that she could eat shit. She tried to lick it and smeared her face with it. However, the stench soon overcame her and she vomited

This girl loves burping. She drank some juice and when she tried to burp, she ended up vomiting and draining the contents of her stomach on the floor

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