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This mistress hates her slave. She wanted a better one so she had to make this one quit. She took him to the bathroom and made him eat her shit. She was not done even after degrading him. She puked on him too and humiliated him. She did not care what he felt or what happened to him. She just did all she could and he quit as she wanted.

This mistress had gone out with her friends. They took lots of alcohol and were very drunk by the end of the night. When she got home, she was not feeling very well. She went to the bathroom and puked her heart out. Her friends laughed at her because she was not used to it and they even took a video of her puking and made fun of her with it.

Tracy is a sexy ebony girl who just at a huge breakfast. She hands her head out the window and you can tell she is going to vomit. She opens her mouth and a thick stream of puke comes out. It splatters all over the ground and she keeps piling more vomit on top of it. She really had a full stomach and not it is in the form of puke on the ground,

I knew that ebony goddess Samantha didn't like soda, but I gave her a lot anyway. It is not good on her stomach so it makes her puke. She starts puking like crazy and sprays vomit everywhere. It comes out of her mouth in a spray that gets all over the car door. This vomiting girl has a lot of barf in her that she empties out in a huge spray.

Heather verbally humiliates you and lets you know how worthless you are. The only things you are good for is taking a bunch of vomit. She puts that to the test. She pukes right in your mouth and fills you up with her barf. You have to chew it and swallow it because you will get punished worse if you waste any of it. Obey your puking mistress like a good slave.

I didn't know that Tracy had it in her. She got too full and I couldn't wait to capture her puking her guts out. She opens the car door and lets out a long burst of puke. The vomit just keeps pouring out of her mouth like a faucet. When she finally stops throwing up, she looks exhausted. It's no wonder. It looks like her stomach was completely emptied on the ground.

Puke training has become all the rage. This cute Asian girl subjects this slave to rigorous puke training that involves shitting as well. He must eat all of the scat and vomit that comes from this Asian princess. She shits turds right into his mouth and fills it with scat for him to chew and blasts him with vomit in different ways. His face is covered with scat and vomit by the time they are done.

This beautiful Asian girl has a lot of bodily fluids for her slave. She pisses in his mouth and he drinks every drop he can. She puts a large funnel in his mouth so he can catch every bit of it. Then she leans over him with her finger in her throat and start vomiting. She fills the funnel with puke and he has to keep chewing it and eating it to keep up.

This cute ebony girl Jay had an idea that I really liked. She wanted to empty her stomach before we went to a party so I stopped and let her puke out of the car. She leans over and a steady stream of vomit sprays out of her all over the ground. She just keeps throwing up and it doesn't seem to end, but there is another puking video coming right up.

Two of the lovely and cruel cat girls are doing some more puking and both of them have plenty of puke for one slave. They each take turns sticking their finger down their throats and barfing in the sink. When they can't get any ore vomit out of their stomachs, they make the slave stick his head down in the sink and eat the puke like he was a dog.

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