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These mistresses wanted to have an adventure. They tried it on their own but it was not fun so they got a slave and wanted to degrade and torture him. They wanted to try pee fetish so they got the loser to drink their pee and suck their pussies. When they were done with that, the cruel mistresses made the guy to drink their puke and smear it on himself.

This mistress likes to have fun on her own. That means that she tries many things to see what she likes. She is very experimental. Today she wanted to try have fun with her equally crazy boyfriend. She gagged herself and puked on him. She also used the pike as a lubricant and masturbated with it. She also kissed her boyfriend and they played with the puke and it was fun surprisingly.

Lisa is a mistress who likes to try out different kinds of things. She likes to have fun f all kinds and today she wanted to try shitting fetish. She had seen it online and wanted to try it. She got a slave and she had fun making him eat her shit directly from her ass into his mouth. It was so much fun she planned to do it again.

If you think you know what kinky and weird are, then you need to think again. This couple is the definition of kinky and weird. They have such crazy fetishes that they don't even have friends. Today, they were having crazy sex which involved her sucking his cock and adding his semen to her puke and they had fun drinking it all together while they thought of what to try next.

While other people frown upon and shun disgusting things, Alina embraces them. She loves them so much and has a lot of fun with them. She did not want guests in the house and had an argument with her parents. They did not listen to her so she undressed and remained naked. She then forced herself to spit and told them she would do the same if the visitors came.

I took this cute little ebony princess out to breakfast and made sure she ate plenty of food. It mush have been too much because she wasn't feeling good when I took her home. I parked the car and filmed her leaning out of the car and puking all over the ground. After she is finished, I get a close-up of her pile of vomit that is smeared on the ground.

This girl I was seeing had a sensitive stomach and it didn't take much to make her puke. I was hanging out with her drinking milk shakes and she starts to get sick. She leans out of the door and vomits the shake all over the ground. I was able to capture it. There is plenty more gagging and throwing up where this came from and I never get tired of it.

A lovely woman that enjoys making videos while she is wearing a special hood on her head is going to puke into her sink. She has always believed that vomiting can be something extremely erotic. She wants to catch all of her gagging while vomiting just for the video, because she knows that she has a special fan club that is deeply into all of her hard-core vomiting action.

A woman is going to make a video of all of the adventures she has when she is driving around. One of her favorite videos to make is one of when she decides it is time to puke. All she is going to do is lean outside of her automobile, because she wants to make sure that she gets plenty of puke and vomit running down the outside of her car.

A prison warden is going to be extremely mean to all of the people that are inside of her jail. She has decided that she is going to do many different things that can be considered extremely degrading. Not only are all of her inmates going to be covered in shit, but she also might even cover them in vomit as well. She believes in punishment to the fullest extent.

Baby is a cute girl that has a stomach ache. She also is in the mood to make a special video for all of her admirers. She knows that her admirers and enjoy watching her vomit and gagging into her toilet. She is going to open her mouth, so that she is able to vomit clearly for her video. She wants to make the best puking video possible for all of her fans.

There is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman wearing panties and a bra, only she is also doing something that is very hard core. She is going to be puking, but she also is going to be training a slave at the same time. Girls training girls to be puking slaves and toilet slaves can be very erotic for those who find vomiting sexy. These girls are going to gag.

A lady is going to make videos about all of her puking. She has found that many people enjoy watching her gag and throw up. Her videos are going to be very explicit, because she literally leans out the window and begins to puke all over everything. The videos are great for anyone that enjoys watching girls throw up. She also enjoys puking, because she finds it sexy.

This mistress has an unusual talent that she loves to share with her slave. It involves a great deal of vomiting and it also involves a great deal of shit. She loves to make him get on the ground, because between all of the vomit and all of the shit flying, her slave is going to be completely covered in a great deal of gross stuff. She is deeply amused by all of the action.

A drunk girl is going to drink too much beer. She is also going to get a terrible stomach ache, which is going to make her feel as though it is time to vomit. She also knows that she has several people that enjoy watching videos of vomiting girls, so she is going to make sure that she gets a video of her puking up all of the beer from her stomach.

Two girls are going to challenge each other to a contest. The contest is going to be about who can puke into a glass. The goal is all about filling the glass, so that when each of their slaves arrived to their home, they are going to have a nice glass of warm vomit waiting for them to drink. These girls love being hard-core to their slaves and vomiting is a fetish.

This Mistress loves to show a slave just how great she is at puking. She loves to put on a good show and she always has enjoyed vomiting, because it makes her slaves understand just how hard-core she really is. She is amazing at gagging, and she also can vomit to the point that her puke will fly through the air and land all over her human toilet slave.

Jay has big titties which guys love and they buy her lots of drinks. She was so drunk and could not drive home. She opened her door and puked. She felt better and drove home to rest

She just had to fit into her gorgeous dress for her dinner date with her hot crush. So she went to the toilet and vomited and shitted to shed weight and fit in the dress

A lady is going to try a new challenge which involves drinking a shitload of milk. She is going to drink the milk, but realize her stomach can't take all of that milk. Her puke is going to fly out, but thank god she got out of her auto in time. She is gagging and puking up everything that was in her stomach. It's so gross.

A super slut loves to suck dick, but this big dick might be too much for her. The big dick might make her gag from all of the pressure in the back of her throat. She is going to try her best to suck the cock, but will end up gagging to the point puke is flying all over the place. She ends up throwing up.

A lady is going to have a great day at work, but once she goes to lunch she is going to drink too much soda. The soda will make her get ready to puke. After she is puking from the soda, she will also puke up her lunch too. She will feel bad, but knowing her slave has to clean up her puke makes her laugh.

A girl is going to show off to her slave, because she thinks her slave is weak. She also thinks she should lead by example. The slave will get to see her stick her finger down her throat, because he is going to do the same soon enough. She will puke in a bowl, then take the bowl and place it over her head pouring the puke.

A mistress is going to get sick while she is shopping. She ate something bad, so her stomach is really ill. Her puke is going to smell so bad as she gags, but the good thing is she has one of her idiot slaves with her to clean up her mess. Even is she pukes in her van, the slave can clean up the smelly vomit.

A mistress is going to take puking to a whole new level. She is going to eat as much as she can, just to puke. Her puke is going to be really gross and smelly. From there she is going to make her slave watch her eat the puke, but she will also make him eat up her puke too. She is so gross.

A girl with really big boobs is going to vomit all over making the biggest mess ever. She loves to eat more than she should, because spraying puke out makes her feel good. She also likes to gross out her slaves too. The slaves sometimes are forced to eat the puke out of the trash, which can be on of the grossest things ever. She is so sexy.

A lady is going to show her slave how dirty she can be. She is going to make the biggest mess ever, because she wants the slave to know he is going to clean up the entire mess. She will vomit all over everything, but she won't stop there. She will also rub her shit and puke all over her washing machine, because he will clean it up.

Lady Grace is a mistress that loves to vomit. She thinks it's funny to let out all of her vomit on her slave. However, she also likes to puke in containers and force her slave to lay on the ground so he can gulp and swallow up all of the puke. She is so gross, but her gagging and puke are so horrible for her slave.

A lady is going to drink a ton of beer, but she doesn't realize it might have been too much beer. Her stomach is going to start to get really upset to the point she might end up puking. Once her car is stopped, she is going to puke up all of the beer and everything that was once in her stomach. Her puke is so gross.

A lady in a catsuit is throwing up, because she is going to force her slave to watch all of her vomit. She thinks it's funny to gag and puke in front of her slave, because he has a really light stomach when it comes to the smell of puke and the sound of the puke hitting the toilet. She is going to look so sexy as she pukes.

A puking girl loves to gag and puke all over herself. She has always had a fetish for puking and making a mess as she vomits. Her throwing up skills are insane, because she is able to really get her stomach emptied with all of her puke. She is a slave's dream come true if he is into puking, then again this mistress doesn't care one bit.

A lady knew she shouldn't drink so much water, but she did it anyway. She is going to puke, but when she does the puke will fly out of her mouth and catch air it's coming out with such pressure. She puked and it made a mess, but she is going to feel much better after getting all of the water from her body. What a mess.

A lady decided it was time to let all of her vomit fly. She is a passenger in a car, so once she thinks it's time to puke all over, she will. She will lean out of her window and the puke will start to fly right out of her mouth. She has so much puke at one point she is gagging as she spits more vomit out.

Sophie is a nice woman with the largest amount of slaves that love her videos. She loves to eat her snacks throughout the day, but what her slaves totally get off on, is the fact that she can puke them all up as well. She will literally gag herself, so she can launch massive amounts of puke from her mouth into a bowl for all her video admirers.

A vixen had herself any amazing meal of ribs and other foot items. However, she also got herself an upset stomach that will need some assistance. She will take her dildo and shove it down her throat to get herself ready to puke. The gagging will make her upchuck all over the front of herself, but she will drink and re-eat her nasty puke again.

Two ladies are driving down the road, but they are both having major stomach issues. The girls are going to pull over immediately, because they are ready to puke big time. Both of the ladies are going to take one last drink of their soda, because when they open their mouth's, puke will be flying all over the place in a huge pile of white vomit.

A girl is going to show off just what she can do in a bowl. She wants to puke as much puke as possible into a bowl for her video. The video is also going to entice her slaves to see her as often as possible for a chance of her puke. The girl will get many of her slaves begging to drink and eat up her puke.

A very sexy tattooed babe is going to see if she can throw up. She drank a great deal of soda, so she is thinking she will be able to launch quite a huge load of puke. When she goes to bend over, all of the puke is going to gag her, but she manages to get the puke out on the ground in front of her.

A sub is going to show off her puking skills. Her master has a fetish for puke and gagging. He took the time to train his slave to puke on command. She always has food in her stomach, so when it's puke time she really lets it all go. She will throw up and everything from her stomach is going to come out all over the place.

A girl has a huge love for puking. She loves to eat certain food items, just so she can puke and throw up. The girl will eat way too many corn flakes, then get ready for some hardcore puking action. The corn flakes will end up all over the floor in front of her smeared. She really threw up a great deal of vomit on the floor.

A girl really loves it when she parties. She will get really drunk to the point her stomach is starting to feel bad. After she is in the car heading home, she will need to be let out, because the puke is really starting to fly. She will puke all over outside of the car, and even get some hardcore gagging action going on, because there is so much puke.

A woman is being challenged to do something she is not used too. She hates to drink water, but she will drink the water. The woman will enjoy a huge quantity of water, however she gets really sick from all the water. The woman will blow puke all over the place. She even gags from all the water being vomited up. She is still gagging.

A lady is having a great time eating her spaghetti, but she also has another trick up her sleeve. She is going to eat all of her spaghetti, then began to puke all of the spaghetti back up into a bowl. She will puke in the bowl right after she gets done eating her spaghetti. All of her admirers are can't believe how well she did that.

A babe went and had too much dinner, so she is very full. While driving home from her dinner, she gets very ill. She will lean out her van and being to throw up all over the place. She will even start gagging, because the puke is coming out of her mouth so bad. She throws up all over blowing chunks of puke on the ground.

A drunk babe will have way too much to drink. She will open her mouth and nothing but booze will come flying out. She is really pretty, but when she pukes it is so gross. The babe will puke in front of several people. Every single guy should be grossed out, but they are finding her puking to be very hot and sexy as she gags.

A lady with really big boobs is going to have a really hard ride in the car. Not only does she not like to be in a car, but she gets car sick really easily. She will have her friend stop, so she is able to get out of the car as fast as possible. She is going to puke so bad, the vomit is just falling from her mouth.

There is nothing like a girl that has had too much to drink. A college girl will go out and party really hard, but when she feels like she is getting sick it becomes a different story. The pretty college girl is going to lean over the bathroom sink and spray out a huge amount of puke. She is throwing up all over the bathroom.

A pretty girl is one hell of a puking machine. The girl has the ability to overeat big time to the point where her stomach will just make her puke. She can open her mouth wide and spray puke all over the place. The pretty girl is amazed at her special skills as well. All her slaves are amazed at her puking ability and want to eat it.

A lady is going to go to the extremes when it comes time for fetishes and making sure her slaves know just how hardcore she truly is. She loves to puke and vomit, but then she takes it to a whole new level. She is going to gag on her own vomit, but first she is going to taste all of her puke and vomit showing her slave.

An ebony babe was given the challenge of drinking a great deal of milk. She is confident she will win the challenge, however once she is on the road, her belly isn't so sure anymore. This hot ebony bbw is going to open the door of her car, and begin throwing up a creamy white mixture spraying from her mouth. She will feel so much better once she vomits.

A very pretty blonde girl might have had too much to drink. She is going to lean over the toilet, so she is able to throw up. Her puke is a light colored vomit, which means it is all of the beverages she has consumed. Her belly will force all of the liquids in her to come out in the toilet with a major vomit fest of puke.

Three ebony babes are all experiencing vomiting. They tend to get sick, therefore throwing up is something that just happens. When they throw up puke goes all over, and the sounds they make are very monster like, but there is nothing these babes can do. All that is left is to just get the puke out of their system, so they can get better faster.

A babe that is pregnant is getting to experience some hardcore morning sickness. She is going to feel sick, and the next thing she knows her stomach is sitting all over her bathroom. She will vomit for a straight six minutes puking her brains out everywhere. She hates to puke, but has no choice, because the puke just keeps flying out her mouth. She is tired of throwing up.

Two Japanese girls are going to spend quality time together, but they time together tends to always get messy. The girls have a secret fetish they share together, and when it is time for puking, they love it. The girls love to puke on each other, then lick it, and even kiss if they are in the mood. These girls are hardcore and love to push the limits.

An ebony babe takes pride in the fact that she is able to eat almost anything, but she can force herself to vomit all over everything. Puking is something she has mastered, and making puke fly out of her mouth making sounds like a monster is what she loves to do. She will make a huge mess with her yellow puke flying all over the place.

Two Japanese girls are very kinky. They love to spend time together, but they are also into very messy activities that can leave them almost sick. They love to eat together, but sometimes when they eat together it makes them vomit. Instead of getting grossed out, they will start to fondle and play with each other, even though they are covered in puke and parts of food.

An ebony babe know that her slaves are not worthy of jack shit, however she is feeling like the best humiliation for her slaves is to puke on each one of them. A sore belly makes throwing up a piece of cake for her, therefore she is going to open her mouth wide and start to puke right on her slaves. She will coat them with vomit.

Two cute Japanese lesbians love to have a nice dinner together, only their dinner together is much different than most. They are into puking together, but then they will kiss each other and lick up the puke. The totally are into this type of fetish play, and try to get the most out of their puke as they can. These girls are very kinky and naughty.

A babe with huge tits loves to puke. Her tits are so large that they can get covered with puke every now and then. The lady is going to get ready to blow a huge load of chunky puke all over the outside of her car if she makes it. She is going to feel so much better once she does all of her vomiting.

Two very hot and horny lesbians love scat play with each other, but vomiting is something else that turns them on. They are going to puke and force each other to clean their fingers, but then comes the scat play. They will shit into bowls and smear it on each other. Their type of play is very hardcore, extreme, and it can get messy from time to time.

Heather is always looking for new ways to make herself puke. One of the ways is to drink old milk and wait for her stomach to get very sick. She will then get a really bad belly ache that puts her on the toilet ready to throw up. She is going to empty her belly full of old milk. She will spray puke all over the bathroom.

Alexia Cage is always pushing the limit in so many ways. Not only does she like to do fetishes, but in this case the fetish will be very hardcore. Alexia is going to make a nice fresh pizza, but she is going to have her slave come over. She decides it is a perfect time to puke all over her pizza, and force her slave to eat it.

Very kinky little Japanese sluts are going to take puking to a whole new level. These little petite cuties are going to puke in the woods, but then before cleaning out their mouths, they will start kissing each other. They are pretty kinky, and they loves kissing girls. These girls are going to eat and swallow each others puke until they puke once again, then start to make out.

An ebony mistress is a pro about throwing up all over other slaves. She also likes to puke, because she practices for when she is going to deep throat a cock. She is going to stick her fingers in her mouth pretending her fingers are a cock sliding deep into her mouth and her instant reaction is to puke all over her fingers and herself. She gets covered in puke.

Milk can be a good thing and a bad thing for certain mistresses. This particular mistress is going to drink a great deal of milk, unfortunately the milk won't sit well in her belly. She will throw up milk right on her slave, then she will also get the shits. She will poo right on top of her slave. He will be covered in puke and shit.

Princess Lizzy has always had a natural talent of being able to really suck a cock deep down, but on this rare occasion, she is going to picture herself sucking a cock deep down. That is going to motivate her into being able to get her fingers deep in her throat, so that she can puke. She loves to puke, plus it reminds her of sucking dick.

Heather is a very determined babe that never likes to lose a challenge. She is going to prove to her boss that she can ingest a great deal of orange juice, however she didn't anticipate that her stomach would not handle the orange juice. She will end up with her head in the toilet throwing up all of her juice. At least she won her bet.